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Lloyd Steinshouer, Pastor


Derek Jackson

Growing up I lived in a home that no doubt believed in God, and Christ and the sacrifice he made for us. Though I would not say I grew up in church. My family and I went to a couple different churches off and on in my younger years. As I grew older, for different reasons, going to church just became a more and more rare occurrence.

Throughout junior high and high school if you were not ask me if I believed in God, and the Jesus Christ, I would have replied “yes”. I lived life according to what I thought was right, and tried to be a good person more or less. I thought that was what it was all about. There were things in my life that I did because of the little of I knew about Jesus, and the example he left for us, but I was not living a relationship with him.

The summer after my senior year, Michael Glass, a close friend of mine, invited me to go to church with him. I agreed, as this wasn’t the first time I had gone to church with a friend who had extended an invite. I remember driving myself to church in a hand-me-down Ford truck that had a leak in the fuel tank. Michael had invited me on a Monday night, the first day of a revival service being held during the second week of July 2007. He invited me to Cedar Cross Missionary Baptist Church in Emporia, Kansas. Jonathon Elliot was preaching for the revival. He was a visiting preacher from Missouri. It was hear that I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and was made known of my need for a Savior. This message cut to my heart (Acts 2:37). I remember going home after the service and being very troubled about my sins and my transgressions, and separation from the Lord. I knew I needed forgiveness.

I drove myself back to that little white church again on Tuesday night. It was sort of a bittersweet obligation. I didn’t necessarily leave Monday night’s service with tickled ears and carefree spirits, but I knew I had to go back. Again Jonathon Elliot preached this evening, and I remember Tom Glass standing after the service with tears in his eyes testifying that the riches of this earth are just vanity, but a man is truly rich if he has friends that are concerned about his soul. I then stood, teary eyed as well, and testified of how rich I felt to have friends that were concerned about the condition of my soul. I left the church that night, still feeling like I was lacking something. Feeling like something was missing but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Again, on Wednesday night, I drove myself back to church. This night my conviction would get the best of me (2 Corinthians 7:10). I had never seen anyone go to the altar before to pray and seek salvation. I remember feeling like tonight was my last chance. I felt as if I had been made known of my current state separated from the Lord, because of my transgressions, and knew that forgiveness through Jesus Christ and his sacrifice was the only way to be forgiven. I remember feeling like I needed to make a move, that if I didn’t seek the Lord tonight that my life would somehow end after leaving the church that evening, and I wouldn’t have another chance. At first I thought about going up and sitting next to one of the men of the church and telling them about my feelings. Finally, I told Michael, who was sitting next to me that I felt like I needed to do something but didn’t know what. He started to cry and led me to the front of the church to pray.

I remember Tom Glass, kneeling beside me praying for me, along with the rest of the congregation. I said to Tom, “I don’t know what to pray”, and he simply replied that this was between me and the Lord and that he couldn’t tell me what to pray. It was then that I began praying, confessing my transgressions, my shortcomings, all my faults, and seeking forgiveness. It was in my heart to repent for my sins, and turn towards a new life following Jesus and the example he left us in the Bible. I knew I had nothing to bring to the Lord, nothing to brag of (Isaiah 64:6). I don’t feel like it’s necessary to go into the specifics of my prayer, as I wouldn’t want anyone to think they need to pray exactly as I did. You should seek the Lord in your own personal way, as he convicts your heart. I vividly remember at one point raising both hands while praying. If you know me, you know this is not something I normally do. There are people that like to worship like that, and that’s great, but it’s just not how I usually do things. I just felt like letting go and completely trusting God, no matter what people might see or think.

After some time, I’m not sure how long, people began to take their seats, and I began to feel like I had prayed all that was on my heart. It was now that I had a certain peaceful feeling in my heart. We all took our seats, and Brother Anthony Shade, our current preacher, went up to the pulpit and asked if anyone had anything they needed to say. I raised my hand and testified that the Lord had saved my soul, before I even really knew what words had come out of my mouth.

Then, Sam Calvert, our song leader, began to sing “Victory in Jesus”, while all the congregation joined in and came around hugging me. I remember hugging Sam, while he was holding his song book, because he was a few days late on shaving, and his cheek was rather rough against mine. As best I can remember after that, the doors of the Church were opened to anyone who would like to join the Church body. Members are accepted by means of a sound testimony of salvation, followed by a baptism showing the death, burial, and resurrection that has happened in their heart; or by a letter of good standing from another Church of like faith and order. I then stood in front of the congregation and told my testimony of salvation, and was accepted as a member of Cedar Cross Missionary Baptist Church, by way of sound testimony of salvation, on Wednesday, July 11, 2007. I remember during my testimony telling about one of my favorite memories with Matt Glass, a member of the congregation. It was during football season when I blocked for him as fullback, and he scored a touchdown in one of our biggest games, and congratulated me on the block. I told how that had been my favorite memory with him, but how now this memory had just made the top of the list.

After that night I remember being on fire for the Lord, studying his word and his commandments with a “want” to know more about the Lord, instead of feeling “obligation” to study the Bible. Although there was one instance shortly after I was saved, that I doubted my salvation for a brief period. I was at the Missouri youth weekend in 2007, only a little over a month since I’d been saved. I saw people go to the altar with the same conviction I had felt when I sought the Lord for my salvation. Only in their case, they didn’t feel that peace as soon as I had, and many of them left the altar still feeling convicted of their state separated from the Lord. It was then that I started to doubt what I had. I thought maybe the peace I felt wasn’t real because it came to soon or too easy. So I prayed that the Lord would let me know, without a doubt, where I stood. I sat in the pew for a moment, I guess expecting a lightning bolt, or some great sign. Then, I thought to myself, if you want an answer, you should look in the Bible. My Bible was at this time less than a month old, and as I remember it had no pages marked in any way. I remember just letting it fall open in my lap, and the first scripture I saw was Isaiah 40:1. It seemed to jump of the page at me. This passage reads “Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God”. You can imagine the peace I felt after seeing that. I then stood and testified how the Lord had just spoken to me.

On Saturday, October 13th 2007 I was baptized in the Neosho River as an outward showing of what had happened in my heart, and given full rights and privileges as a member of Cedar Cross Missionary Baptist Church. It is interesting in my opinion to look back at the experiences I have had in my life, and how they are interconnected. From my life prior to seeking the Lord for my salvation, to how my life changed, and the things that happened after, as well as the way I handled them. For instance less than six months after I was saved, a bullet from a stranger took the life on one of my closest friends while we were in the field hunting one morning. I could write pages on this topic alone. Because of how the Lord had been working in my life, this tragedy in a way brought me closer to him. In many ways Romans 8:28 was revealed to me. This passage states that “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose”. I can look back now and see many good things the Lord brought from that horrible event.

I hope this testimony is a help to whoever reads it. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t yet fully trusted God, and sought salvation through Jesus Christ, to study the Bible and seek the Lord according to your own conviction, not based on my testimony (Isaiah 55:11). This is simply my story. I do not boast of my knowledge of the Bible, although I study it. This is just how I feel the Lord has worked in my life. And for this testimony, I could never thank Him enough.